Anthony fortuna owner/trainer


When I was a Junior at Indiana University, I competed in the Little 500 Bike Race. Over the course of training for the race, I gradually realized that I had a real passion for the strength and conditioning aspect. To begin my training career, I took the ACE Certification Course in 2016 at Fitness Formula Clubs (FFC) in Chicago. While taking the course, I was hired as a Fitness Specialist to work at the Gold Coast location. After shadowing trainers for 2 months, I was hired as a Full-Time Trainer to work at the Lincoln Park location. I trained there for 2 years and worked with a wide-array of clients. 


In February of 2018 I flew down to Miami, FL to attend the DBC Level 1 Biomechanics and Human Movement Certification. After successfully passing the Certification test, I knew that I needed to get more experience with the best trainers in the world. A few months passed and I decided to go back down to Miami in May to go through the DBC Assessment and Training for a week. It was an incredible week of hands-on experience and I also did a 2 hour Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching recovery session with DBC's Soft Tissue Specialist, Steve Sierra. The session provided some phenomenal muscle tension relief. During the session Steve discussed that there was a Ki-Hara Instructor also based in Chicago. As of September 9th, I will have received the Certication. 


Coincidentally, before I left for my second trip to Miami this past May, an opportunity to acquire an independent gym that was owned by my former football coaches from  6th and 7th grade presented itself.  The timing and situation felt right, so I decided to leave FFC to buy the gym in Burr Ridge,IL. Over the Summer of 2018, I have steadily transformed it into a Private Training/Sports Performance Facility with a new look, new equipment, and most importantly, indivdualized training rather than a cookie cutter approach.